Fak'ugesi Festival

Digital Creation in Africa and Worldwide

A Fak’ugesi Festival Feature Dubbed a virtual celebration of African Digital Creativity, the 2020 Fak’ugesi Festival ran from 20 October – 20 November.  With over 40 workshops, exhibitions and networking events to choose from, we zeroed-in on one panel that engaged key players within the digital creation community and explored how this community changed in 2020. “The pixel is a …

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Your Human Element

With the rise of influencers, Walk Fresh invited Social Media Superstar/ Illustrator/ Agency Co-founder David ‘Slaying Goliath’ Tshabalala to talk about working with brands and other influential things. Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins As a creative, becoming an influencer might be the perfect platform to make a living from your content. The Good Life can be filled with perks and …

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