Creative Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, South Africa

Ending Things.

Dear reader, on 31 July 2021 The Hive Network Johannesburg will officially be closing. After a 6-year journey, this article serves as the last communication between our famous organization and the communities we’ve joined and touched along the way.. Six years is a long time. During our journey we’ve seen countless highs, lows, unexpected challenges and some beautiful surprises – …

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Fak'ugesi Festival

Digital Creation in Africa and Worldwide

A Fak’ugesi Festival Feature Dubbed a virtual celebration of African Digital Creativity, the 2020 Fak’ugesi Festival ran from 20 October – 20 November.  With over 40 workshops, exhibitions and networking events to choose from, we zeroed-in on one panel that engaged key players within the digital creation community and explored how this community changed in 2020. “The pixel is a …

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Music and innovation

Kings of the Jingle

A Hive Member Spotlight As a creator, it’s easy to get so focused on one side of “the industry” that you lose sight of other business models or opportunities. This month’s Member Business Spotlight looks at a group of musicians who chose to operate in a rather uncommon part of the music industry. Lindani, Sipho and Mpumelelo provide ‘sound design’ …

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Let’s talk about advertising on ‘The Facebook’

A Hive Network Knowledge Session Whether it’s “sponsored” posts or pages suggested for you, a lot of content we never sign up for has a way of ending up on our timelines. Some of this content may go as far as telling us which of our “friends” have already liked the brand or product being promoted. Photo by cottonbro from …

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Smart Business in the time of eCommerce

A Hive Member Spotlight SmartSentials offers you everyday essential items and food products that promote healthy living. “There’s a lot of money in the streets.” – Lebohang Likhojane, Founder SmartSentials began as a Fresh Produce stall aside a busy road somewhere in the Free State. Using some of his savings, Lebo Likhojane established the business with a group of friends. While wrapping …

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Breached Terms (1/2)

While more startups are adopting an independent attitude (as far as business and their processes go), one sector remains taboo to creative entrepreneurs and mortals throughout the African continent. As soon as ‘legal matters’ arise, many of us instinctively scatter towards the nearest attorney or ‘legal assistance’. We joined members of our community and Kevin Smith, from Gani Mayet Attorneys, …

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With Great Power: The importance of responsible business

A 4-minute Read: With the wealth of business knowledge available on the internet and the libraries of the world, one of the most overlooked topics is business ethics. Particularly in the stages when small businesses are eager to grow, doing good business is usually a priority that will be handled ‘as it comes’. If someone says, “Here is 5 million.” …

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What The Podcast

Podcasting: The Future of Content? And what you should know to make it work for your business. 3 minute read About 16 million South Africans actively listen to podcasts while commuting, working, exercising, or doing almost any imaginable activity. Podcasts are essentially talk-radio shows (like current affairs, drama or niche topics such as personal development and startups) that people can …

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Digify Africa: How To Run a Successful Online Business

Facilitator Themba Jay Business as we know it has always existed in a state of change. From bartering economies, to colonialism and industrial revolutions – major shifts in human society have always been succeeded by changes in the way people do business.  A History of Currency in East Africa (from Today, with a digital revolution disrupting everything from the …

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