Big business is about competition, whereas small business is about collaboration. A room full of Entrepreneurs gathered to share their experiences, and talk about this magical little thing called ‘Yoco’.


Yoco is an African technology company that builds tools and services to help small businesses get paid, grow and run their business better.  

After seeing how hard it was for entrepreneurs to access payment services, the company was created to make life easier for the small business owner.

Today, Yoco’s hardware and software powers tens of thousands of small businesses in South Africa. Giving them a simple, accessible platform to start, run and grow their businesses – whether on a street corner or in a fancy mall. At the heart of their philosophy, is the mantra – ‘Running a small business is hard. Getting paid doesn’t have to be.’

Mashudu Modau, "the Yoco guy" & friend of the J&B Hive.
A Room Full of Dreamers

By opening opportunities to learn, Yoco believes they can help enable small businesses to thrive.

Meets by Yoco is a community that helps entrepreneurs create connections, share experiences and exchange insights. On 23 October 2019, the community hosted an event at The J&B Hive. Here, small business owners helped each other grow with questions, concerns, and solutions.

Here are 5 quotes to give you a sense of the information that was shared on the night:
  1. “We used to lose customers because we didn’t have a card machine and now we’ve got our second Yoco because we’re expanding to a second stall. “
  2. “The importance of getting on a digital platform is imperative. I wake up with money in my account from online sales. ”
  3. “Losing money teaches you the importance of making money – I lost money due to bad decisions and I’m talking in excess of millions. I didn’t give up. “ 
  4. “Digital marketing is perfect for small businesses because they don’t have to adhere to ROI agreements. “
  5. “I opened a road assistance business and faced a lot of issues due to the biased nature of the industry. It’s the only black owned industry that still exists, still male dominated and not open to innovation. “

While the journey of every entrepreneur is unique, sharing information with others can help one grow from their experiences. Visit Yoco Meets to learn more about this community. And don’t forget to hug @hivejoburg for more news, stories and everything you need to take YOUR hustle forward.

Co-Written by: Lungelo Hlela & Sandile Dube ( from I am Multeemedia) // Images taken by: @dayphotolife

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Lungelo Hlela is a Digital Copywriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. When he’s not writing for brands, most of his work includes themes about social issues, history and popular culture. Follow him @lungelosam for more of his existentialist ramblings and romantic ideals.

Sandile Dube is a Digital Copywriter based in Johannesburg South Africa. His storytelling marketeer career was sparked by a passion for poetry – to cope with the pressure of being a young black man eMzansi. He’s soft spoken and not as intimidating as he looks. The proof is in the poetry.

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