The Hive is a community of entrepreneurs and creatives in Johannesburg, bringing truly revolutionary pieces of work into the world.

The Hive belongs to game-changers; whether it’s inventive new products, pervasively untapped sales channels, projects with the potential to massively impact communities or films or photography that tell your story your way, The Hive community is built to make these revolutions happen.



We’re looking for creative, ambitious and driven entrepreneurs with a proven track record to join The Hive community.  We want to help them realise their ambitions and in return we want them to support and drive the success of The Hive.

Are you right at the heart of socialising in the city?  Are you putting on the best parties for hundreds of people or do you have ideas to get people partying at home?

Are you right at the heart of music or fashion, street culture or film?  Do you have a huge network of people who love the work you do? Do you have ideas for things you want to make so you can spread your stories amongst everyone you know?

Are you one of life’s natural sales people?  Do you know how to get products in front of people in a way which makes them want to buy them?  Do you have networks of people you can share exciting new things with? 

If you are any of the above we want to hear from you.  If you are doing anything exciting at all in Joburg, we want to hear from you.


The Hive is a community-driven collaborative space and a financially-supported incubator.

We have two different entry points into The Hive as we know that different entrepreneurs need different types of support depending on where they are on their journey.

Specialist Resource

Whether it’s kit, stock, workspace, technology or infrastructure we ensure that the right assets are at your disposal.


We offer financial investment at an agreed level which is in relation to your project’s requirements and ambition for the short term (9 months).

Networked Community

We help you make the right connections to take your project to the next level. The Hive community is one that continuously shares, collaborates and grows.

Mentoring & Support

We work with members closely to ensure we provide the support, coaching and training needed to make your initiative successful.

In return, every member must give something back to both The J&B Hive community and the wider community in Johannesburg.



Tell us about your project or business; how we can help you, and how you can help The Hive

We evaluate it against The Hive’s vision

We invite projects to pitch which we are excited about and which we believe match The Hive’s vision

If your pitch blows us away and we think we can help you as well as you being able to help The Hive, we’ll work with you to agree which entry point of The Hive is best for you.


The Hive is a space for Johannesburg’s creative and entrepreneurial community to come together. We welcome visitors into our space to connect, collaborate and socialise together. We have a cafe, bar and regularly host events so keep a eye out on our social feeds to find out what’s coming up.

Check out our live events schedules here or apply to host on your event here



Independents United was born as a network of diverse entrepreneurs, working together for 10 years to make revolutions happen. A leader in the corporate-startup partnership space, they actively seek out and invest in innovative leaders, startups and companies with a clear purpose and mission to shape change in a rapidly evolving world.


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Creative Nestlings is an award-winning young African creative network and innovation studio that connects & nurtures young African creatives. With an ethos focused on nurturing a curious, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set they have forged strong relationships with young creatives, corporates, government agencies and regional bodies to harness the under-utilised social and economic value of creativity.


BLACKNATION_Media Group_black copy

Blacknation is a digital media and content strategy start-up with a focus on establishing brands, digital or traditional media platforms and content with long-lasting impact. Their vision is to become a voice that resonates with the Pan African youth across the globe.Media platforms include Blacknation Digital, Blacknation Magazine and Blacknation Television.



J&B’s tale is one which is forever challenging convention; its history is rooted in romantic ambition and entrepreneurial innovation. J&B’s reputation of doing things Its own way inspired its style, built an empire and immortalised its pioneers. J&B has almost always been in the hands of people ready to do things different. Now, centuries later, it’s time to invest in others who share the same spirit.



The past success can be credited to brilliant entrepreneurs who live by the same shared values below:


Entrepreneurial at heart

Think fast and smart. Embrace challenges. Take calculated risks. Be commercial and have fun and be fearless


Give and get given

Collaborate with everyone around you, don’t compete – the more you give, the more you’ll get back.  Treat people with trust and respect and you’ll travel further together


Own The Hive

It’s yours – so use it to make your business even better and use your business to make The Hive even better too.


Make the biggest impact you can.

Always look at the possible solutions, not the visible problems – there is always a way. If you’re stuck, ask for help from other members. Don’t talk about things, just do them.


Build your Hive

Get online, be at all the events, build your network, shout about your work – it’s brilliant and everyone should know about it


Never stop learning

You’ll never know everything, so learn as much as you can from the network around you.  And share your knowledge too, others will benefit from it


I’m honoured and extremely grateful that The Hive believes in my vision and that they are helping me in all the ways they can,to turn my dreams into reality.

Belinda PhofuFounder of SIIC


+27 (011) 4031245

The Hive is funded via a joint collaboration between
Independents United, Diageo & J&B™ Scotch whisky